Addressing Gender-Based Violence in Post-Conflict Societies: PeaceRep Welcomes Research...


I am eager to apply what I have learned during my academic career as contribution to PeaceRep’s work. The placement at PeaceRep is an excellent opportunity to enhance my data analysis skills and to study research issues relating to peace processes in-depth. I am particularly interested in the gendered aspect of conflict resolution.

Specifically, I wish to explore how criminal law’s implementation (or lack thereof) in addressing Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in post-conflict societies influences national reconciliation and stability. One of the aims of my research is to understand the extent to which criminal law reform is an adequate response to redressing GBV and achieving justice in post-conflict environments, compared with other traditional indigenous and informal measures for national reconciliation. I am looking forward to collaborating with a team of academics and researchers dedicated to justice and conflict resolution.