Fully Funded PhD Opportunity: At the Intersection of Sexualities and Political Settlement...


Deadline for applications: 17:00 (GMT) on Tuesday 14 December 2021 

A fully-funded PhD opportunity as part of the Beyond Opposition Project welcomes applications to explore LGBTQ+ inclusions and those who are opposed to, or concerned about, these in the context of Northern Ireland. 

The successful candidate will be co-supervised by Professor Kath Browne, who leads the Beyond Opposition project at University College Dublin, and Professor Aisling Swaine, who has conducted research as part of the Political Settlements Research Programme. 

The Beyond Opposition project explores the possibilities of co-creating worlds in which polarized differences can co-exist in liveable ways. This PhD project will take place as Brexit, Northern Irish protocol, and changes to sexualities and gender legislations are ongoing in Northern Ireland. 

In the context of political settlements and post-agreement societies, and the disruptions of LGBTQ+ lives and spaces that can cut across other divisions, the project will explore key questions including: In what ways do oppositions to LGBTQ+ lives intersect with, contest and learn from oppositions prompted by political violence? In what ways might some oppositions become ‘settled’ while others remain unresolved? What are the implications of LGBTQ+ inclusions for post-agreement settled societies? What can peace building and transitional justice bring to divisions around sexualities and genders? Conversely, what can considerations of sexualities and genders bring to understandings of peace building and transitional justice?  

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