Key Publications: Borderlands


Plonski, S., & Yousuf, Z. Peacebuilding and transition in borderlands (PSRP Report, Accord), 2017

This report summarises discussions from a workshop to explore sub-state political settlements in conflict-affected borderlands and the possibilities for more effective and inclusive peacebuilding interventions. It looks at four key themes: concepts of borderlands, inclusion and political settlement; the particular types of violence, (in)security, governance and authority that emerge in borderlands; the challenges of working in borderlands, and innovative methods and tools to better engage with their dynamics; and peacebuilding responses and practice in borderland spaces.

Plonski, S., & Yousuf, Z. Borderlands and Peacebuilding: a View from the Margins (PSRP Report, Accord), 2018

This fourth Accord Insight publication looks at peacebuilding in borderland regions and how peace and transition processes address the interests of borderland communities. It presents seven case studies including Syria, north-eastern Kenya, Tunisia, Northern Ireland, Ukraine, Nepal and Myanmar. A ‘borderlands lens’ challenges key assumptions in current peacebuilding policy and practice: that power and order radiate outwards from the centre; that border zones are resistant to being incorporated into national peacebuilding and statebuilding projects because of a lack of security, development or governance infrastructure; and that more development and greater state presence are, therefore, logical solutions to borderlands conflict.